Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday, Nahhhhhh

So my weekend recap:

Friday - Drinking until 3 AM in NYC, driver everyone home, get myself home around 5am.

Saturday - Sleep until 12:30pm, went to Frank's (gedda air' cut), ate, passed out for 5 hours, woke up said oh shit I wasted Saturday, saw the new Underworld (hey I like the story), come home and sleep.

Sunday - As the tourney is on the 7th, that gives me all this week, next weekend, and that week before the big day, I'm not wasting any more time! I primed 21 warriors, 21 longbeards, 10 miners, 10 quarrelers, The Anvil, Runelord, BSB, Slayer, an Organ Gun, and the countless crewmen for the dwarf war machines!

Task for this week (Mon - Fri), touch up Hammerers, touch up Grudge thrower, paint crews, the organ gun, and at least 30 troops.

After work, this is going to suck, but it needs to be done.

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