Monday, January 26, 2009


Before I forget, I got a great deal of orks this weekend from ray including around 60 Boyz, 6 Kans, some Nobz w/ PK's, and (me thinks) a Big Mek w/ a KFF - more on this and pictures after the dwarf army is completed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday, Nahhhhhh

So my weekend recap:

Friday - Drinking until 3 AM in NYC, driver everyone home, get myself home around 5am.

Saturday - Sleep until 12:30pm, went to Frank's (gedda air' cut), ate, passed out for 5 hours, woke up said oh shit I wasted Saturday, saw the new Underworld (hey I like the story), come home and sleep.

Sunday - As the tourney is on the 7th, that gives me all this week, next weekend, and that week before the big day, I'm not wasting any more time! I primed 21 warriors, 21 longbeards, 10 miners, 10 quarrelers, The Anvil, Runelord, BSB, Slayer, an Organ Gun, and the countless crewmen for the dwarf war machines!

Task for this week (Mon - Fri), touch up Hammerers, touch up Grudge thrower, paint crews, the organ gun, and at least 30 troops.

After work, this is going to suck, but it needs to be done.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on Standing Armies


Ogres - Drew needs to move his ass on the Gnoblars and details... This is my backup for a tourney, they need to be completed ASAP

Dwarfs - I need to move my ass on painting, 2 weeks and 2 days to the tourney and I have little to show in the way of completed works, and I'm still waiting for my BSB to come in the mail!

Empire - Ebay, oh, so soon you will be gone! Posting them on there once things calm down a little (done painting Dwarfs, etc...)


Eldar - Painted, done, ready to be played... Or sold for a profit! Will be sold on ebay (andf since it's painted, oh the money will flow!!). Only issue is (as I stated before) the army is in 2 different color schemes. Solution - sell them as 2 seperate lots 1 at a time! I'll sell the first round, see what price I can fetch for it, then IFF I like the money, I'll put the 2nd Lot (aka Drew's old Eldar, now Mine) on there, worst case (and probable) I will keep the 1,000 points of Drew's and use that when / if I play 40K until I get my Orks on the ball.

Marines - ?? - Apparently after 3 years, Ray K. is deciding to give my old marine army back to me... Painted to the highest standard, they too will wander into the ebay circut once the eldar is sold (I don't want to de-value one army by placing a second or third one up at the same time). I dislike Marines and all the fanboy love they get, not to mention the unyielding support of GW and a new Dex every x years where x< or = 3 years while other armies wait since 3rd edition for an update (about 10 or so years for Orks / Dark eldar). Everyone loves marines, so people will bid on them.

Orkz - Ahh here's the heart of my 40K desire. With the new edition of 40K, no one of my group seems to want to play. Well, I know Cash will play and stores (GW, Complete, Game Room, etc...) all favor 40K so a match won't be hard to find. I have tons of Sluggas (way to many) and not enough Shootas... Problem here, I will have to Dakka Swap and Shop or ebay sluggas and buy Shootas / Lootas. Ray K. Also has a 1,000 point Ork army he wants to off. Depending what's in it, I'll buy that and start from there... All I know is this army is going to be a horde.

IG / Sisters / Witch Hunters - Sold last night to Cash. He gets what he wanted, and I now have cash to blow on Orkz, it was a win / win.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Final List 2250 Dwarfs

So I played and won vs. Drew last night, he was playing a non-optimized Dark Elf List, the game was close and the MVP on my end was the BSB and squad of Longbeards who took out two whole squads in 1 round of CC. Close second was the Anvil which cleard out 2 bolt throwers and a unit of shades on turn 1, and provided movement for the charges. Honorable mention to the miners which supporting a unit of swamped warriors to win a flank. The Biggest failure, Grudge thrower - threw 1 rock into nothing, a second into a squad of random elves, killing 5 before the crew was assaulted by a pegasus and some hero of questionable strength. The failure co-mvp will go to a bolt thrower who missed every shot, the one hit, vs. a pegasus resulted in a '1' to wound - the crewmen were left to be killed for their lack of production. The only War Machine to perform well was an organ gun which killed 8 executioners, made them break which rendered them useless for the game.

Final list:

RL AoD GW, SH, RoStone, RoSpellbrk, RoFurnace, MRoBalance
Thane BSB, MRoGrom, RoPreservation, RoFire, RoFurnace, RoStrike
Dragon Slayer
Warriors x21 FC, SH
Longbeards x21 FC, SH, Battle, Stoic
Quarrellers x10 SH
Hammerers x20 FC, SH, Stoic
Miners x10 Champ
Gruge Thrower Engineer, RoAcc, RoPen, RoBurn
Bolt Thrower Engineer, RoPen
Bolt Thrower Engineer, RoBurn
Organ Gun
Total Point Value = 2245

Drew's Dark Elf List:
Goethe (master) w/ halberd, blood armor and pendant khaeleth
Sameth U'el (sorcerer) w/ lvl 2, dispel scroll and seal of ghrond
Nimue (sorceress) w/ lvl 2, tome of furion and dispel scroll
Jotan Woe Bringer (master)w/lance, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, shield and dark pegasus
Corsairs x15 w/ full command and banner of cold blood
Corsairs x10 w/ musician and champ
Crossbowmen x10 w/ shields
Crossbowmen x10 w/ shields
Spearmen x16 w/ full command
Harpies x5
Harpies x5
Assassin w/ additional hand weapon and cloak of twilight
Cold One Chariot
Cold One Chariot
Executioners x12 w/ musician and champ
Shades x9
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dwarfs: 1 month 2250 - Can it be done?

So I was informed through my cousin's blog and talking with Wong that there is a local 2250 Fantasy tourney on Feb. 7. Now I see this as an opportunity to push myself to paint up the Dwarfs that have been recently acquired... The only problem, Feb, 7 is less than 1 month away, and this would require speed painting (something that I have never done before)! I would take up to a week or so to paint 10 guys in past situations, but now, with the whip cracking, it is time to get this project moving! At 2250 I will take a list like the following:

~Runelord W/anvil - RoSpellbreaking, RoStone, RoPreservation, shield
~BSB - MRoGromril, RoPreservation, RoFurnace
~Dragon slayer
~25 Warriors FC, shield
~15 Longbeards FC, Shields, RoStoicism, RoBattle on unit
~10 Thunderers shields
~19 Hammerers FC, shield , RoCoruage on unit
~10 Slayers 1 of which is Giant slayer
~Grudge Thrower Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating
~Bolt Thrower RoBurning, RoPenetration, Engineer
~Bolt thrower RoPenetration, Engineer
~Organ Gun


A lot of work, I own everything listed above but the anvil (I know it's a huge part of the list), and the slayers... **Edit to Original Post, I just went on to ebay and got an Anvil and 10 Slayers for $56, they should arrive in 2-5 Business Days**

I painted the Gyro and the 2 Bolt Throwers, and so it begins!

If I don't get this list done, at least I'll have a lot more finished than I do now - and that's what it's all about.

P.S. I also have the Ogres as a backup

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Great Eldar Acquisition

'You know Hoj, we all have tons of small armies and extra bitz lying around from failed side projects'
- Drew the Bangstick

So I decided to practice painting skills on some Eldar Guardians as their open stance and low amount of detail would be perfect for trying some color combos and a scheme or two that I wanted to do. So I hop on e-bay to look for some cheap Guardians and... Find a deal for about 50 of them for about $50... Don't see it's painted, hit buy it now and go awe fuck. Turns out they are painted green armor with bone helms. Guy offers the rest of the army they belong to for a total of $200, all painted, I say sure what the hell and get:

12 jetbikes (3 with S cannon)
3 vipers with missile launcher
1 wraithlord
1 avatar
10 firedragons
1 farseer
4 seer council warlocks
1 spirit seer for wraithlord
30 guardians with 2 laser platforms
14 storm guardians

Nice start to an Eldar army with no work required. I call Drew, tell him, show him the pics - and guess what, he had an Eldar army in a very similar scheme (green armor slightly darker and white helms). I strike a deal with this mo fo to round out the army and get:

Autarch w/ bike
Dire Avengers x 9 W/ Exarch
Dire Avengers x 9 W/ Exarch
Dire Avengers x 9 W/ Exarch
Warpspiders x5 (My favorite Eldar Models!!) W/ Exarch
Swooping Hawks x6 W/ Exarch
D Cannons x3

So without renaming my site again ::cries:: The Eldar are painted up, good to go, and should deserve a spot in my site name, I mean it's like about 3k points with upgrades...

So now my Current Army Standing looks like this:

Ogres - Painted 90% Drew is touching up details, good to go well over 2,500 points when done
Dwarfs - All Assembled, painted Gyro and 2 Bolt Throwers, long way to go - tons of warriors, undisclosed amount of hammerers, ironbreakers, and thunderers, 12 quarrelers, etc... all in all over 2,500 points

- 40K
Eldar - 100% painted ready to go, around 3,000 points (all depends on upgrades)
Orks - I own about 100 Sluggas, 2 Warboss, about 20 Nobz, 10 Shootas, 6 Koptas unpainted...

- For Sale
Empire - about 2,000 Steam tank, 2 mages, tons of knights, spearmen, free companies, etc...
Witch Hunters / IG - In talks with DJ Brian to off this lot

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Ogres and the Lost Link

Since the wasted warrior (Drew) wanted to attribute the death of many a dark elf to his own stupidity, it was Tyrant 'Oj that will take credit for the Ogres next meal! As an FYI, he rolled bad for stupidity, but I rolled bad for magic, failing to cast 5 attempts at a 3+ spell on one turn alone!

Short report on how things went (and what I need to work on to be a better Ogre general):

"Oi them pointy ears wanted to make us slaves, so we ate 'em"
-Tyrant 'Oj

Setup was standard for me, bullet shields up front, 2 units of 3x Bulls screening the Ironguts with attached Butchers and Tyrants, and a 20x Gnoblar unit guarding the left flank of the bulls with the 2 units of 2x Leadbelchers up front ready to shoot some junk, 2 Gorgers ready to jump repeater crews, and a unit of 8x Gnoblar Trappers scouting behind a hill 12 inches away from a cold one charriot (This unit of trappers and the other 20 Gnoblars performed perfectly, more on that in a moment)

Game starts with Ogres martching and trappers throwing junk at a cold one charriot - nothing great. Turn 2 Ogres Martch, leadbelchers shoot and kill harpies, trappers squabble, I roll horrible for magic, lucky for me, Drew's charriot fails a stupidity check and cant charge my line (this is what I need to work on, the positioning of units - I managed to bottleneck myself, trappers, bulls behind them, ironguts behind them... If he would have charged, I planned to flee with trappers and counter with bulls, but I learned he could have redirected, and he would have taken a chunk of my right flank - I don't think this would have cost me the game as the bulls and guts squads on that flank did nothing all game aside from kill the charriot, 10x crossbowmen, and a repeater crew - all isolated on that flank, so eh...), 2 Gorgers also arrive ready to pounce on crossbowmen and a repeater crew... The rest of the game can be summarized by me charging gnoblars into executioners and winning combat by 1 (would have been 3, but he had hatred so rerolled and killed a few more puny gnoblars), butchers casting and leadbeltchers shooting took down executioners after the gnoblars broke, bulls charging a charriot and killing it over 2 turns, his lord and the attached holding up a unit of ironguts with a butcher for 2 turns, eventually my tyrant came in and crushed enough to win on static CR... Nothing spectacular, just enough for a win.

I need to work on:

Movement and positioning, if Drew would have had tons of fast cal I would have been in trouble. This seems to be the most glaring problem that I had. Then I need to learn when to declare challanges with my Tyrant, Jon pointed out to me on the last turn to 'Tenderize' with the Tyrant, and even if he accepted with his unit champ, not the lord, I'd overkill the champ enough to win by CR...

I need to know these things on my own in order to beat the others...

For the missing link, my girlfriend found my usb link for my cam so I can put pics up again woo hoo! Dwarfs will be posted up soon.