Monday, December 22, 2008

Where do I put things around here...?

So I did a lot of work and have nothing to show for it... What do I mean, well two things, first I spent some time on Sunday calming down from the holiday shopping, long lines, traffic, rude people, no parking, the blizzard, etc... by deciding to watch the Jets and put together some stunties! The Jets suck, this is a hobby blog, not a sports one and I'm glad, just know that I am a fan of both the Mets and the Jets (I don't hate the Yanks or Giants, in fact I like when all local teams do well, I just like the Jets and Mets more then the other two) and as of right now I hope that both of the teams are sold to different states so I have a legit excuse to hate them. Now I am off topic...

Back on point, I assembled 24 Warriors / Longbeards, a cannon, an organ gun, 12 Miners, 2 Thanes, 24(ish) Thunderers, 2 Bolt Throwers (painted them too), and a Gyrocopter (painted this as well); line them all up, take tons of fancy pics and... I lost my USB port for my digital camera... Probably under some bags of holiday %^*$ing cheer. To make matters worse I now (after I put all this stuff together and look at all the stuff I got from Mike) am questioning even keeping the little stunties... They would fetch a NICE price as I have tons of stuff, all that's listed above plus Hammerers, Ironbreakers, another cannon and bolt thrower, Thunderers, Warriors, Longbeards, Rune Lords / Priests, Thanes, Engineers, Quarrelers.....

I may have overextended, and if the Ogres are painted, why would I need the Dwarfs...? I'm leaning towards holding on to them, but I'm not sure if we will play enough for me to get good use out of them... It's going to be a hard call to make, but one I'm going to make after Christmas, I'll throw them on ebay while everyone has extra holiday cash... Maybe...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Future Updates

As always, it's nice to think I'll have this blog updaetd constantly, but if all else fails, I'm shooting for at least a weekly update...

Here's what I'm up to this weekend besides the whole holiday shopping and spending time with the girlfriend... 2 sets of the new 40k Orks... Hooray Orks! 'Assembled' these last night while I was talking on the phone, oh and If you never got the box set, you'll understand why assemled is in the quotes, it was too easy putting these together... It comes with a decent variety of heads, bodies, what have you... but it all snaps together - little to no glue work at all... One of my friends urges me that Orks are all about conversion, but not with these models, it's all snap an arm in and pick a head to throw on it, and bam a Slugga is born, move on to the next. Same goes for the Nobz (but at least I'll be cutting arms on these to make powerklaws), the Warboss (who looks cool but I'll need to add at least 14 pieces of 'Flare'), and the Koptas (not in photo because I took it before I snapped those lego...I mean models together).

As Wong is touching up my Ogres, I have time to dedicate to my 40k Ork project, so most of the posts will be ork related for some time, with the battle reports thrown in of the Fantasy games my local group is playing... That's all for now, and remember if you see a painted Greater Demon on ebay for $3 + S&H it's probably painted like Crakey... Crakey (shown on the right I was amazed the new Warboss was the same size as a Greater Demon so I took this pic real quick), is Greater Demon of Nurgle that was thrown on ebay marked as 'propainted' with a Buy It Now or Best Offer Price of $10! I thought I had a deal, I'd buy it, see what it looked like, and worse case scenario, strip it and put it back on ebay... The paintjob is so bad (even by my standards - so it's bad) that I made an offer of $1 + S&H, within minutes a $3 counteroffer was given, so I picked that ugly thing up. Well, it looks bad, so my group (mainly Wong) adopted this thing as a group mascot of some sort... Maybe one day I'll put his arms back on... One day...

So yeah, weekly updates! (I hope)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dark Age Immortal

...And to your right is my St. Mark from Dark Age. It is a Skirmish scale game in which Jon, Wong, Ray (?), and myself play. Two years ago Wong got us into the game, and I thank him for it. Me, Jon and Wong are playtesters for this game and it is quite cool to see how the process works on how a model gets its rules, maybe we should call up some of the GW guys and give them a lesson.

Anyway, I love shooty armies, but this game seemed to love close combat, so what did I do, made the only shooty list in the game. Jon and Drew mocked me, they would soon learn. I played this army in 4 constructed tournaments, won every match, completed every objective, and denied every opponent from reaching theirs. I played every staff member I've met from this game and beat them all horribly. I on average lost about 3 models a game worth about 150 points out of 750 points while killing every model of my opponents. Cool game, great set of players and staff, I'd suggest that people try it out. Here's the site

This post isn't meant to be a marketing pitch, it is meant to detail the best prize I won for being 1st in the (all whatever) the tourneys... Immortal. Yes I will be making my own model for this game, my own rules, carving my own fluff, and having a sculpt to look like me. Take a bow St. Mark, I won the best prize that any hobby gamer would want, I'm now in Dark Age. I promptly went to the Dark Age forums (gloated a little) and retired my army, besides, I have to make a new army now that I am making a 'Warlord Hoj' or Warchief, who knows I'm not settled on the title yet.

Remember in 2009 (I think, not sure of an official date), you could be the proud owner of 'Hoj' (told you I wasn't sure of the title).

Back to Warhammer

As the title goes, I once again find myself playing the one hobby game that I have been since about 1998... Warhammer, both Fantasy and 40K have been played by myself and my friends since half of us have been friends, in fact, if it wasn't for Warhammer, I wouldn't know Wong (The Wasted Warrior), I would never have gone to Jon's Basement, and probably not have been as close friends with Mike (Project 1K), Ray (Blacker Templar), Jon and Wong...

Aside from the touching introduction above, I found my passion for Warhammer sparked by a very odd event, my cousin started playing this year, and got all of his friends into Warhammer as well; this on top of Warhammer Online, which got Mike, Jon, and Wong back on the ball seemed like a perfect time to get back in the game. Only problem, I didn't own an army...

That problem was soon fixed, and oh boy, it made the opposite a problem. See, we started playing at about age 14, we had no money, no credit cards, no jobs, etc... and we heavily relied on gifts, and other bits of random money just to buy a blister. Now, a full time employee at a large brokerage, I can buy armies at a time... So I did. ::cries::

I went to ebay and found cheap bits here and there and some large bulks of armies all for less than half of retail. Off ebay I won an Empire Army (I had bits of this too as it was my army from the late 90's - early 00's) and an Orc & Gobbo Army. I also picked up a huge High Elf lot from a kid who used to play and tons of Ogres via another friend for less than 1/4 of retail, all assembled and in decent painted condition.

So the problem began: What do I actually play, and there is a ton of models everywhere in my house... Solution, I have a great set of friends who were getting back into the game! I gave Drew the Orc lot, in exchange for $50, plus he must 'restore', touch up, and convert the Ogres to top standards (as I believe Wong is probably the best painter in our group - Ray is proably just as good, if not better but he is an EMT who attends school and slaves for 13+ hours a day working - and I don't want to bother him). Wong makes out good, I get what I need, plus Wong also agreed to help me with learning how to paint well myself, which is overall worth it to me. Next comes the High Elves, well, I liked them, but they simply weren't for me... I call up Mike, he comes over, plays them vs. my Ogres and he likes them a lot. He agrees to trade them off with me, what do I get, Dwarfs! One for One, an even deal, and I get back the only army I truly loved since we last played about 2 or 3 years ago.

Currently my situation with armies:
(1) Ogres - Painted to decent quality, Wong is perfecting, and finishing this up. They will be my main army and used in 100% of all matches until I finish my Dwarfs.
(2) Dwarfs - Just started collecting, thanks to Battle for Skull Pass, and a trade with Mike, all I'm missing is an Anvil of Doom and I will have a 2250 point ready to play. This army needs to be painted and will take some time to finish as I am not motivated to paint much and I currently have a painted Ogre army (let's hope the start of this site gets me motivated).
(3) Empire - God bless them, I thought Mike wanted these guys, so I loaded them all up, but he took the High Elves instead. This army will be put up for sale at a local GW or on ebay, either way, they are gone.

So, as you can see, it's not random which army I will use, it was just a challenge at first to find one that I liked enough to stay committed to.

As for 40K, the group is less 'enthused' about this because of some new rules (that and it's Fantasy Season now) but still I can't resist and as stated above I am unmotivated, so I will get a head start. My cousin told me he will start a Necron army, and Wong has a painted Eldar army. I picked up a ton of Ork Boyz, Nobz, Koptas, and 2 Warbosses from the new 40K starter Assault on Black Reach. So for about $45 + Tax (as I got 2 sets of Orks, while a Marine player at the store took both Marine sets), I have a good start to my Ork 40K army. I assembled one set so far, I will prime them soon and put pictures up once I do this.

As a footnote Wong also recruited a new player: Dingo aka Dominguez to play a Chaos Mortal Fantasy army. Let's just say, after 3 years of only playing Skirmish games, it's good to be back throwing countles models out to die in bulk.