Friday, February 27, 2009

My kingdom for an elf :*(

To those of you who didn't know the facts, I shall fill you in.

I decided that I wanted a serious tourney fantasy army, one which is able to win both on general scores and painting scores. Now my level of painting sucks at best and I am currently playing Dwarfs, not exactly a power house. So I hop on ebay and pick up a studio painted High Elf lot for 3420 Yuan... ~$500USD. Sweet deal, 4 charriots 2 dragons, pheonix guard, eagles, etc... Yeah that was in late January, now a minute away from march and the tournament I'm in - I'm fucked at best. I opened a paypal claim vs. the makers of communist goods in china but at this time I have no 'real' army. I could slap together some Dwarf list of suck... NO! I will not, I want to fucking move! My love for Dwarfs has been replaced with hatred towards their tiny legs and their crotch height stature! I could do Ogres, but I want to win a game or 2. So, out roll the unpainted Empire. Fuck I hate stupid circumstances of shit. Anyway, my 1k Empire isn't as solid as my high elfs would be but here's a sneak peak just in case I need to roll it out:

Cap'n - Pegasus, Pistol, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Ring of Burning Head
War Prst - Barbed Horse, Heavy Armor, Shield Great Weapon, Icon of Mag

Knights x5
Kinghts x5

Pistoliers x5
Pistoliers x5

Steam Tank

Yes a steam tank at 1k, simply because the 300 points it eats up will buy me time to assemble and prime other things that I need for the army.

Still, if it comes, my 1k High Elf list (I hope you come in!)

Dragon Mage, Guard Phnx, Silver Wand

Archers x10

Dragon Prince x5
Dragon Prince x5
Tir Charriot
Tir Charriot

Cries, so abusive, just need the Made in China people mail it... :*(

Thursday, February 19, 2009

General Update

So a lot happened, I'll start with the most recent and work my way back:

40k Tourney in Canada is 1500 points, Da Boot Boyz will attend... Why are they called Da bootz? Well, they walk, run, crawl, jump, etc... toward the enemy - that's right, an army made up of Boyz before Toyz!

Big Mek - KFF, Burna, Boss Pole
15 x Lootas
120 x Boyz (haven't decided breakdown of Sluggas vs. shoota, but it will either be 60/60 or 90 Shootas/30 Sluggas) - Each squad has Max Rokitz (3x per squad), and Nobz w/ PK, Bosspole
3 x Kanz with Rokitz and Riggers

1500 points on the dot... Let's see them kill that many Boyz!

On the Fantasy Front:

The Dawi finished their Tourney in 6th out of 14... Not Bad! Without getting into any glorious detail

Game 1 vs Baltimore GT Champ w/ Dark Elves - Can be summarized by a 'Misfire' of every warmachine and an anvil roll of a '1' and a '1' - well there goes 400 something points... Bad Loss

Game 2 vs Rules Guy w/ High Elves - Can be summarized by everything but his Pheonix guard dead by turn 4 and the Dawi took 3 of 4 Table Quarters, yes I moved, and it was a glorious victory!

Game 3 vs some Guy and all mounted Chaos Mortals - Meh, I hate his list and the fact that it was close until my lst turn where an organ Gun Misfired at point blank vs. knights - He had 3 Wizards (2 Tz 1 Nurg), and 2 units of knights (1 Krn 1 Slnsh), all different Marks to me is like min maxing marines, I mean c'mon, your army is already great, do you really need to add the overkill? The good news, the loss I took wasn't a bad one, the bad news, it was still a loss.

If I wanted to 'win out' I would have taken my Star Dragon Asur, I wanted to play, I took Dawi! In conclusion, I met all of my goals, get a win, finish top 10, finish top 1/2. It was a good time.

In the pipe:

Obviously the 40K Orks - many of the boyz will be stenciled as they were Jon's Adeptacon Orks... Here's a hint, primed white, skin painted by Drew, then Horrifically thrown into 'Honey Dew' Dip to look painted... It's bad and requires a basecoat, a drybrush, and a wash to undo this... Instead of killing my next few months doing this to 120 Boyz + Lootaz + Nobz, I will spray on symbolz of Orkiness to tell the squads apart... This saddens me.

Escalation Fantasy: An escalation Tourney has been announced starting in 2 weeks, I'm building up Asur - should be fun, and then again, another army comes into my house... ::Cries::

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Old Grumbler

2250 Game vs. Drew as he decided to bring me my army tonight (Same Lists as below, when Drew posts pics I'll take them for my site as well)... (He forgot to paint 3 crew, Anvil, and Organ Gun)

Here are the highlights:

Turn 1, Anvil Kills Woe's dark peg
Turn 2, Anvil miscast and becomes inactive for 1 turn
Turn 3, Grudge Thrower Kills cold one chariot
Turn 4, Anvil kills Drew's assassin and mage (Anvil gains the MVP Spot, Runelord gains the Name Euzek), Organ gun kills a unit of corsairs containing Sameth, I remember to bring my miners in
Turn 5, Organ Gun decides to blow up, anvil fails to wound a single crossbow elf, bolt throwers fail to do anything (I question why I take them, people fear them, they suck), gyro killed after 3 turns of failing to kill 2 bolt thrower elves it goes down, 6 Miner attacks fail to kill any bolt thrower elfs
Turn 6, (My army gains fluff in a bad way) Hammerers hold vs. a charriot and corsairs (The Hammerer Champ is now promoted to my Army BSB Gaining a name Hozek), Miners for a second turn fail to kill a single f*cking elf on 6 attacks (They are now put under the inspired leadership of Wongen), Longbeards face shooting from two crossbow units and a unit of shades, 1/2 die, my (then) current BSB inspires a great LD roll of 11 (are you f*cking kidding), they run off the board (this cost me the game, I went from a win to a draw, and a cheap one at that), the defamed, dishonored, and disgraced former BSB now gains a name Rugrom and he is to enjoy the rest of his days as my army's Slayer (He will be sent to his death in attempts to undue the insult displayed on this night).

Bolt Throwers - I must be using them wrong, every game, they serve as a distraction at best, I say, Miss, miss, hit oh, I fail to wound (C-)
Organ Gun - Massive killing power, it misfired at the wrong time (B)
Miners - 6 Great Weapons fail to kill 1 Bolt Thrower Crewman (F)
Gyro - Steamed and killed 1 Bolt thrower crew, but distracted it and a unit of shades for 3 turns (B)
Grudge Thrower - Drew a lot of fire, crushed some elves and killed a chariot (A-)
Hammerers - Held off a charriot and a squad for 2 turns, and if given a 3rd turn would have won combat if supported (A)
Quarrelers - Shot, distracted, killed minimal troops, but they made executioners and Woe chase off the board... (B-)
Warriors - Did little, guarded a flank, don't expect them to do much... (B)
Longbeards - On turn 6 they drew more fire than every other unit combined all game. They failed by not making saves, not making LD, not making themselves worth anything except magnets for tons of fire (C, only reason not an F here is because of the.....)
BSB - (Now Slayer) Failed the only f*cking LD check he HADDDDDD TO MAKE TO WIN. His failure along with the miners cost this game PERIOD ('like the Remainder' - Lil Wayne) This Dwarf earned shame, shame that will only be forgiven ina glorious bloody death, he will charge any vampire, greenskin, elf, man, dragon, beast, spawn of chaos, anything) to lament for this - if there were a grade less than F he'd earn it, in fact, it is so horrible, this will be the only model in my army not to get a grade.
Slayer - Protected the Anvil (Worth the 50 points), nothing came close, killed a harpy (yes 1 - it got close), will be more active now that it has real fluff (B)
Anvil - Failed once, didn't die (did all I could ask except for 1 failed attempt, but made up for it by killing a mage and assassin in one turn), earned VP while staying alive (A+)

The difference between a D and a W, one LD roll of 11, failure of miners to kill two crewmen, failure of bolthrowers to kill anything.

The Dwarfs Held the pass, but failed to drive those hated elves out of our lands.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Color The Little People

So the tourney is this Saturday, and I must say - I failed myself. Due to extra hours at my job M-F, weekends and Tues. with my girl (this is time well spent and I would never give it up to paint, she wants to paint with me - more on that later), the Super Bowl (which wasted a Sunday), cold weather and the constant snowfall (which messes with the primer and means I have to go out and shovel instead of paint); I managed to get the hammerers, 2 bolt throwers, and the gyro done on my own. We assembled and had an emergency painting session this weekend. Drew who's help I didn't want to have to use was required... While he was at my house, he finished 2 units on his own (warriors and quarrelers). He offered to finish the army over the week so I will have a well painted (complete) army for this weekend's tourney as I have limited time to paint due to the reasons listed above...

Thanks Drew, I suck and you are the best.

So on this painting topic, I have until April to get ready for a 40k tourney in Canada... I'm going with the Orks, so I have to paint them... Did I mention that my army is 180 Boyz? More on them in future posts. What I really wanted to say is that my girl wants to paint, so this Sunday I will paint a High Elf Lord on Foot and she will paint a High Elf (Female) Mage on foot. I picked a blister up containing these models from Complete for $6 and I'm happy, 1 Cause it was only $6, 2 I need both these minis in case their dragons get killed (my high elf army has a lord on a star dragon and a dragon mage on a sun dragon), 3 I found a female model that I will use that my girl can paint, and 4 she is painting.

That's all for now, I'll post pics of the Dwarfs when I get them from Drew, the orks when I start them, and the elf characters when they are done.