Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Color The Little People

So the tourney is this Saturday, and I must say - I failed myself. Due to extra hours at my job M-F, weekends and Tues. with my girl (this is time well spent and I would never give it up to paint, she wants to paint with me - more on that later), the Super Bowl (which wasted a Sunday), cold weather and the constant snowfall (which messes with the primer and means I have to go out and shovel instead of paint); I managed to get the hammerers, 2 bolt throwers, and the gyro done on my own. We assembled and had an emergency painting session this weekend. Drew who's help I didn't want to have to use was required... While he was at my house, he finished 2 units on his own (warriors and quarrelers). He offered to finish the army over the week so I will have a well painted (complete) army for this weekend's tourney as I have limited time to paint due to the reasons listed above...

Thanks Drew, I suck and you are the best.

So on this painting topic, I have until April to get ready for a 40k tourney in Canada... I'm going with the Orks, so I have to paint them... Did I mention that my army is 180 Boyz? More on them in future posts. What I really wanted to say is that my girl wants to paint, so this Sunday I will paint a High Elf Lord on Foot and she will paint a High Elf (Female) Mage on foot. I picked a blister up containing these models from Complete for $6 and I'm happy, 1 Cause it was only $6, 2 I need both these minis in case their dragons get killed (my high elf army has a lord on a star dragon and a dragon mage on a sun dragon), 3 I found a female model that I will use that my girl can paint, and 4 she is painting.

That's all for now, I'll post pics of the Dwarfs when I get them from Drew, the orks when I start them, and the elf characters when they are done.

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  1. Can we do a test game tomorrow or Friday, or something?