Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Old Grumbler

2250 Game vs. Drew as he decided to bring me my army tonight (Same Lists as below, when Drew posts pics I'll take them for my site as well)... (He forgot to paint 3 crew, Anvil, and Organ Gun)

Here are the highlights:

Turn 1, Anvil Kills Woe's dark peg
Turn 2, Anvil miscast and becomes inactive for 1 turn
Turn 3, Grudge Thrower Kills cold one chariot
Turn 4, Anvil kills Drew's assassin and mage (Anvil gains the MVP Spot, Runelord gains the Name Euzek), Organ gun kills a unit of corsairs containing Sameth, I remember to bring my miners in
Turn 5, Organ Gun decides to blow up, anvil fails to wound a single crossbow elf, bolt throwers fail to do anything (I question why I take them, people fear them, they suck), gyro killed after 3 turns of failing to kill 2 bolt thrower elves it goes down, 6 Miner attacks fail to kill any bolt thrower elfs
Turn 6, (My army gains fluff in a bad way) Hammerers hold vs. a charriot and corsairs (The Hammerer Champ is now promoted to my Army BSB Gaining a name Hozek), Miners for a second turn fail to kill a single f*cking elf on 6 attacks (They are now put under the inspired leadership of Wongen), Longbeards face shooting from two crossbow units and a unit of shades, 1/2 die, my (then) current BSB inspires a great LD roll of 11 (are you f*cking kidding), they run off the board (this cost me the game, I went from a win to a draw, and a cheap one at that), the defamed, dishonored, and disgraced former BSB now gains a name Rugrom and he is to enjoy the rest of his days as my army's Slayer (He will be sent to his death in attempts to undue the insult displayed on this night).

Bolt Throwers - I must be using them wrong, every game, they serve as a distraction at best, I say, Miss, miss, hit oh, I fail to wound (C-)
Organ Gun - Massive killing power, it misfired at the wrong time (B)
Miners - 6 Great Weapons fail to kill 1 Bolt Thrower Crewman (F)
Gyro - Steamed and killed 1 Bolt thrower crew, but distracted it and a unit of shades for 3 turns (B)
Grudge Thrower - Drew a lot of fire, crushed some elves and killed a chariot (A-)
Hammerers - Held off a charriot and a squad for 2 turns, and if given a 3rd turn would have won combat if supported (A)
Quarrelers - Shot, distracted, killed minimal troops, but they made executioners and Woe chase off the board... (B-)
Warriors - Did little, guarded a flank, don't expect them to do much... (B)
Longbeards - On turn 6 they drew more fire than every other unit combined all game. They failed by not making saves, not making LD, not making themselves worth anything except magnets for tons of fire (C, only reason not an F here is because of the.....)
BSB - (Now Slayer) Failed the only f*cking LD check he HADDDDDD TO MAKE TO WIN. His failure along with the miners cost this game PERIOD ('like the Remainder' - Lil Wayne) This Dwarf earned shame, shame that will only be forgiven ina glorious bloody death, he will charge any vampire, greenskin, elf, man, dragon, beast, spawn of chaos, anything) to lament for this - if there were a grade less than F he'd earn it, in fact, it is so horrible, this will be the only model in my army not to get a grade.
Slayer - Protected the Anvil (Worth the 50 points), nothing came close, killed a harpy (yes 1 - it got close), will be more active now that it has real fluff (B)
Anvil - Failed once, didn't die (did all I could ask except for 1 failed attempt, but made up for it by killing a mage and assassin in one turn), earned VP while staying alive (A+)

The difference between a D and a W, one LD roll of 11, failure of miners to kill two crewmen, failure of bolthrowers to kill anything.

The Dwarfs Held the pass, but failed to drive those hated elves out of our lands.


  1. Yeah losing that last roll really did make things a lot closer but in reality even if they did hold it would of been a draw. You figure about 100pts for bsb and about 150pts for the rest of the longbeards as they were under half.

    When we calculated VP i was almost a 100vp ahead, so even if they didn't run it would of been a draw in your favor instead of the other way around. Though yes I admit that last roll really did make things a lot closer than they needed to be. Now say if i broke your hammerers that's when you really should of started to worry.

    The bolt throwers did scare me because they were waiting to skewer my chariots which I love. Also Sameth miscasting and ending the most important magic phase in my eyes definitely sucked.

    I think you played really well and I couldn't fault any of your in game logic so that is always a plus. You are slowly starting to get the hang of "army" games rather than a gang of starved maniacs fighting over a bag of chips lol. I hope we both place in the top half!

  2. I feel loved!

    If you couple the 200 points that ran with the miners who failed to take down the bolt thrower cre (which would have been an extra 100ish points and if you want to get crazy, the gyro which failed to kill the second crewman on the other bolt thrower for 3 rounds for another 100ish, that = +400 = W, but instead it = D