Wednesday, April 22, 2009

40K Update #1 - Iz me Boyz ready?

So after a short period with no updates - I bring you some smashy bitz!

Haven't played 40K in God knows how long and was a little hesitant at first. Myself and Wong went to the Woodbridge area of gamery and aside from gettin fried chicken, I got my first game of 40K in. It was a 1K point match - small, to get the hang of the new rules, and I was facing off Cash who had a serious superiority complex after just having wiped a Necron player named Polish Bob. So cash talked etc... Mission rolled was straight kill points (this was a serious advantage for me as he had tons of small platoons, spec wep squads, command groups, etc... And as an FYI he was using the NEW guard dex / rules - yeah he got a copy off the net or has pictures of each page or something ::shrugs:: ) We rolled for deployment, he won and deployed 1st figuring an extra turn of shooting would help him see me boyz off da board. I also failed to gain the int by not rolling a '6' - would have been nice, but it didn't make a huge difference.

The Lists:

Chimkembuey's Slogaz

- Big Mek Chimkembuey (KFF & Burna)

- 15 Lootaz

- 30 Slugga Boyz (3 Rok) w/ Nob (Bosspole)
- 30 Slugga Boyz (3 Rok) w/ Nob (Bosspole)
- 30 Shoota Boyz (3 Rok) w/ Nob (Bosspole) - Attached Chimkembuey

Cash's Guard
Off Hand I don't have his list so here it goes

Command w/ Master of Barrage, Flamer, Melta, Lasguns

Not sure with the new breakdown what squads all count for so:
3 Auto Cans
3 Hvy Bltr

2 Jr. Command Platoons with Flamers, Meltas, Lasguns

2x 6 man Spec Wpn Teams - Flamers, Meltas

3x Regular platoons with Lascannons

Cash forgive me if I'm off a bit but that's the bulk of it.

Turn 1:
Dem Umies pointed dere flashy bitz at me boyz! Cash Fired a Barage of shit, actually, shit would have been more effective, then the boyz may have stoped to make a statue of Gork, maybe Mork - who knows... Anywho The barrage hits 9 orkz - Kills 4 (The KFF is the easy MVP here), the rest of his amassed shooting takes out 6 more boyz from various squads...

It Be da boyz turn now - Let's stomp some 'umies!! So new to 5th edition, I learn about this run move, where I can move 6 inches, then run d6 more in my shooting phase, but can't do anything else with that unit - so all 3 squads of Boyz ran, mostly got about 9 or so inches... The gap was closing... As for shooting, the remaining 12 Lootaz took 36 shotz (yeah I rolled a 3) at Cash's POORLY deployed HQ (w/ Barrage) which was in some nice cover, but on the very front of the line... Da Lootaz Shrugged at this tactic and killed every man. Shame that a good 20 shotz that coulda been killin 'umies went into sandbags, but the top threat to my horde was eliminated.

Me - 1 Him - 0

Turn 2
After seeing their fearless leader cut down in a hail of different alien firepower, I assumed the Jr. Platoon would attempt to rally the men. Pouring another round of fire into the orkz, it seemed to be as effective as the turn prior, the guardsmen put down another 10 or so boyz from various squads, nothing too much worth note - special weapons teams advanced, that was the only movement.

Chimkembuey knows few things (seriously, he's an ork), and it was within a choppas length until da boyz could be crashin into dem 'umies! Turn 2 for me was much like turn 1, 2x Slugga Boyz Run keeping within range of the KFF Shoota Boyz move up, but wanna try out shootin some of dem puny bitz and take out 3 spec wep troops behind cover (I should have realized that the gunz were assault 2 - so I only took 1/2 of my shotz - oh well I learned my lesson)! Lootaz move up to maintain range of the KFF.

Killpoints Me - 1 Him - 0

Turn 3
With the tide upon them, the guardsmen must hold the line. I'm sure some speach was given before the battle or during, attempting to hold the guardsmen's morale, and this was there turn to prove it! Shot after shot being shrugged off by the KFF, a couple of missles struck da boyz! Seemingly all the punishment for the entire game went against 1 squad of Sluggaz and the squad of Lootaz... The Lootaz were bought down to 8 and the Slugga Squad that was the focus of abuse was slimmed to 17... The guardsmen knowing that the wave of green has reached the gates failed to inspire them to perform heroic deeds, they killed a minimal amount of boyz, and they will all be ravaged!

Chimkembuey's roar was echoed by every Boy on the line! The Lootaz did not join in as they were eyeing a special weapon squad approaching through cover... The shootaz rushed over the barracaides which once held the command squad, now occupied by some new 'umies (probably calling for help, or shitting to make that statue of Gork, maybe Mork... Big Boyz squad could only reach what the Shootaz hit last turn (so 27ish orks rushed a 3 man squad) and the Little Boyz squad ran into a Jr. Platoon... The Massacre ensued, Chimkembuey's squad killed every man and was now in the bloodstained former Imperial command post, the Big Boyz killed the remaining 3 guardsmen that they charged and the Little Boyz then made short work of the Jr. Command. All squads consolidated as far forward as possible, yes moving into rapid fire range, who cares though, there were about 1/2 the guardsmen left and 4/5 of the ork force in close range to stomp them! The lootaz shot and killed 4 spec weapon troopers, who then ran back towards the only remaining guard Jr. Command.

Killpoints Me - 4 Him - 0

Turn 4
We will fight and die as brothers! Inspiring words from a less than stellar Jr. Commander... The spec wepons didn't rally, and the order to rally them... Failed... The guardsmen that were still standing shot everything they could. He took the Lootaz down to 6, they held firm, not satisfied with the havoc they have already gave the guard's right flank, and the rapid fire on the guards left flank had minimal effect, taking down 12 Orkz from the various 3 squads of boyz in the area.

Stomp dem, Bash dem good! The screams of the guardsmen found no sympathy, and were probably not even heard. Chimkembuey and his squad of shootaz took out the 3 Auto Cans, the Lootaz shot the remaining Jr. Command down to 2, pistols and charging from the Big Boyz saw off another platoon and the little boyz squad killed another platoon down to 2 men who held their resolve with a near perfect LD roll.

Killpoints Me - 6 Him - 0

Turn 5
The Emperor has abando....... The living now envy the dead... The 2 men locked in combat vs. 13 or so orkz met a quick end, and to add insult to injury, the remaining shooting put down 4 orkz from a squad of 27... I made every cover save vs. Lascannon shooting this game...

The orkz now were pleased to add to the bodies on the ground... Various assaults neted a few more kill points - after this there were about 15 guardsmen alive (10 of which were in a squad on his far right flank who got 0 kills (yes the lascannon did nothing).

Killpoints Me - 9(approx.) Him - 0

Turn 6
The remaining guardsmen throw down their packs and anything else that could slow them down and ran for their lives... No doubt to either be executed for their failure, chased down by orkz, or...

Victory For the Boyz!

Only change in my List - I may drop the scorcha and a rokit from each squad to add power klaws to the nobz in the Slugga squadz... Otherwise, I loved it!

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