Thursday, February 19, 2009

General Update

So a lot happened, I'll start with the most recent and work my way back:

40k Tourney in Canada is 1500 points, Da Boot Boyz will attend... Why are they called Da bootz? Well, they walk, run, crawl, jump, etc... toward the enemy - that's right, an army made up of Boyz before Toyz!

Big Mek - KFF, Burna, Boss Pole
15 x Lootas
120 x Boyz (haven't decided breakdown of Sluggas vs. shoota, but it will either be 60/60 or 90 Shootas/30 Sluggas) - Each squad has Max Rokitz (3x per squad), and Nobz w/ PK, Bosspole
3 x Kanz with Rokitz and Riggers

1500 points on the dot... Let's see them kill that many Boyz!

On the Fantasy Front:

The Dawi finished their Tourney in 6th out of 14... Not Bad! Without getting into any glorious detail

Game 1 vs Baltimore GT Champ w/ Dark Elves - Can be summarized by a 'Misfire' of every warmachine and an anvil roll of a '1' and a '1' - well there goes 400 something points... Bad Loss

Game 2 vs Rules Guy w/ High Elves - Can be summarized by everything but his Pheonix guard dead by turn 4 and the Dawi took 3 of 4 Table Quarters, yes I moved, and it was a glorious victory!

Game 3 vs some Guy and all mounted Chaos Mortals - Meh, I hate his list and the fact that it was close until my lst turn where an organ Gun Misfired at point blank vs. knights - He had 3 Wizards (2 Tz 1 Nurg), and 2 units of knights (1 Krn 1 Slnsh), all different Marks to me is like min maxing marines, I mean c'mon, your army is already great, do you really need to add the overkill? The good news, the loss I took wasn't a bad one, the bad news, it was still a loss.

If I wanted to 'win out' I would have taken my Star Dragon Asur, I wanted to play, I took Dawi! In conclusion, I met all of my goals, get a win, finish top 10, finish top 1/2. It was a good time.

In the pipe:

Obviously the 40K Orks - many of the boyz will be stenciled as they were Jon's Adeptacon Orks... Here's a hint, primed white, skin painted by Drew, then Horrifically thrown into 'Honey Dew' Dip to look painted... It's bad and requires a basecoat, a drybrush, and a wash to undo this... Instead of killing my next few months doing this to 120 Boyz + Lootaz + Nobz, I will spray on symbolz of Orkiness to tell the squads apart... This saddens me.

Escalation Fantasy: An escalation Tourney has been announced starting in 2 weeks, I'm building up Asur - should be fun, and then again, another army comes into my house... ::Cries::

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